154. Recapping the Box Tour

https://youtu.be/HdCINjo57rA On today’s episode is little debrief of “Dropping in - The Box tour”. Ackerman and Fern talk about each oft he first 5 boxes they visited on the box tour. They go over the pro’s and con’s of each and talk about what made each one fo special. They all were a pleasure to drop in to and were…

84. I Hate my Box

In this episode hosts, Ackerman and Fern pull to pieces a very common problem, whereby a coach doesn’t like their box. This was emailed to the guys by a listener, about what they should do when they butt heads with the owner of the CrossFit affiliate they go to. The listener also laid out the scenario, including their answers to the problem and Fern and Ackerman, talked through them and ultimately give out their best advice.