100. Coach Glassman

What do you think Ackerman is thinking here? It's episode 100 and we have the founder of CrossFit, Coach Greg Glassman on today's show.  It was our goal to have Coach Glassman on our show and it was truly in Ackerman's mind, an example of putting something out in the world and making it happen. Thank you so much, for…

88. You’re Not a Good Enough Coach

In this episode in this Todd, Ackerman and Fern discuss issues brought up in the last episode and what was promoted by the 10-year Affiliate Gathering. Why are affiliate’s de-affiliate? And the discussions that were brought up during the gathering. The host all give their options on this issue that is facing the community. And the title of the episode…

87. CrossFit 10 Year Affiliate Gathering

In this episode, Both Fern and Ackerman are in Whistler, Canada at the CrossFit affiliate gathering. Just giving you guys an inside scoop of what it’s like at the gathering. With the special drop-in guest of Austin Begiebing. They raise some talking points that affiliate owners are facing, and they reminisce about it was like starting out over 10 years ago.