155. Conor Murphy | WOD on the Waves 2

https://www.instagram.com/p/B7GgRaShKMk/ Today Ackerman has the one and only Conor Murphy on to discuss WOD On Waves Two. It's going to amazing; they've listened to what people wanted more of from the last one. There will be lots of Athletes, informative seminars and different workout classes available. It's going to top the previous year easily. It's a Family-friendly holiday that allows…

65. WOD on the Waves

Want to party with 2000 of the fittest people on the planet? Meet other like minded fitness enthusiasts? Train with CrossFit Games athletes? Attend seminars from industry experts? Most importantly hang with Fern and Ackerman!? Listen to this episode of Best Hour of Their Day and learn everything you need to know about WOD on the Waves. Jason sits down with Austin Malleolo to chat about this amazing vacation! Once you listen and are ready to book your room, use code BESTHOUR to get some special access to us on the boat.