142. Best Hour Programming

Happy New Year!  We want to thank everyone that supported us in 2019 and we look forward to helping you continually grow in 2020.  One way that we will make that happen is with brand new "Best Hour of Their Day" programming.  This programming will be unique and different than any programming out there as we will focus on developing…

93. Rep Shavers

In this episode, all of your hosts discuss a topic that faces every athlete more than once in the Affiliate, people who shave reps or more than likely you yourself have done it more than once. It’s a very controversial and likely a touchy subject for most. They drive into how they dealt with athletes who have done it and repeatedly, also looked into the flip side of let just be honest they just lost count and other situations whereby the athletes internal scaled because they’d bite off more than they can chew.

84. I Hate my Box

In this episode hosts, Ackerman and Fern pull to pieces a very common problem, whereby a coach doesn’t like their box. This was emailed to the guys by a listener, about what they should do when they butt heads with the owner of the CrossFit affiliate they go to. The listener also laid out the scenario, including their answers to the problem and Fern and Ackerman, talked through them and ultimately give out their best advice.