78. Mike Giardina | Assault Fitness

In this episode, Fern sits down with long-time friend Mike Giardina, who spent more than a decade on seminar staff coaching all over the world. You may recognize him if you took your Level 2 in the good coach/bad coach. He started at CrossFit Atlanta and is a multi-time CrossFit Games athlete as an individual and on a team. Mike is currently working as part of the Assault Fitness team working with their products and developing training content.

74. The Muscle-Up

Ackerman and Fern talk about the muscle should everyone have one? They answer that. They also walk you though how you can coach it better and help make your athletes even better at them.

72. Chriss + Andrea Smith | Trident CrossFit

In this episode, Fern sits down with Chriss and Andrea Smith are two of the most awesome people in the CrossFit Community. They have Owned Trident CrossFit for nearly 10 years, have seen their gym grow past 600 members, have both worked on HQ Seminar Staff, own multiple other businesses and have made all of the mistakes. They are incredibly generous with their time and experiences so take notes.

70. Open Gym

In this weeks episode, Ackerman Fern and Todd talk about Open gym. What’s the right thing to do when it comes to having an open gym at an affiliate? Is it good to allow members to do their own thing? Does it cause a rift in the community? Should you charge more or less for it? It can cause a rift in the community; how do you avoid that? You’re running a business as an affiliate, there is a demand for the open gym, but what is the best practice? They discuss all of this and more in today’s episode.

67. Coaches Compensation

One of the most commonly asked questions we get from both box owners and coaches is, “what’s a fair pay?” In this episode, Todd, Fern, and Ackerman, breakdown best practices, dos and don’ts, and some words of wisdom on how to best compensate CrossFit coaches.

62. Forever Fierce | Dos and Don’ts of Apparel

Matt and Fern break down apparel sales in the affiliate from start to finish. Forever Fierce works with more than 500 independent gyms. They have solved most of the issues that affiliates have with selling apparel. How should we sell retail? Should we sell retail? How much stock should you carry? What should we charge? How many designs should we carry? How frequently should we order new shirts? Should we do more than shirts? Who does my designs? Who is in charge of retail?

64. Chris Irwin | Teamwork: Navy SEAL Foundation #1

Chris Irwin has been part of the CrossFit Community for almost a decade in several different capacities. He’s a Naval Academy graduate, a former Navy SEAL, has been an affiliate owner, the president of Kill Cliff and now serves in the non profit arena with the Navy Seal Foundation where he heads up strategic partnerships and is working on a growing a Hero WOD fundraiser. We discuss operating an affiliate in a remote destination, handling drop ins, building a massive company from scratch, and how to contribute to the greater community.

60. Meetings

Where do meetings fit in box ownership and in life? Most people will agree meetings tend to be a huge waste of everyone’s time. In today’s episode we breakdown how to run an effective meeting, tips to make a meeting efficient, and when and why they are most valuable. We also cover topics such as, should coaches be paid for attending meetings, how often they should be held, and why it’s so important they start on time. If you coach at a box, own a box, or have any meetings in your life, you’ll learn from and appreciate this episode.

58. Rory Mckernan | Behind the Horns

Rory McKernan has been a big part of the CrossFit community for over a decade. He was part of the CrossFit Seminar Staff for several years before moving over to the CrossFit Media Team. He has been part of the Update Show for the CrossFit Games as well as a color commentator for the the Open, Regionals and the Games. He recently co-wrote a book with Katrin Davidsdottir entitled “My journey to becoming a two time CrossFit Games Champion”. We discuss social media and what affiliates can do to enhance the their brands using online platforms.

56. Judging at the CrossFit Games

Fern and Ackerman just got home after judging the individuals at the 2019 CrossFit Games. In this episode, Jason sits down with his wife Roz as she asks him all about what goes down behind the scenes.