101. Dr. Nathan Jenkins | CrossFit Health

In this episode, Fern sits down with Dr Nathan Jenkins. Dr Jenkins is a tenured professor of exercise physiology at the University of Georgia. He conducts research and teaches courses on exercise, obesity and cardiometabolic disease. He’s been researching for 10 years how to prevent and treatment pf Chronic Disease.; along with his training was in exercise physiology in vascular biology. With a post-doc work in vascular cell biology. He began CrossFit in January 2015 and obtained a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer credential in 2017. So you can bet that he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to complex issues. Along with he’s working Crossfit to push forward Crossfit Health and bridge the gaps between the two fields.

100. Coach Glassman

What do you think Ackerman is thinking here? It's episode 100 and we have the founder of CrossFit, Coach Greg Glassman on today's show.  It was our goal to have Coach Glassman on our show and it was truly in Ackerman's mind, an example of putting something out in the world and making it happen. Thank you so much, for…

99. Stuart Brauer | Guess who’s back

In this episode, Fern chats with for the Stu Brauer, who has been mentioned numerous times in different episodes by many guests. This is Stu second time being on the podcast first was with Jason. This time they look at the issue facing gym owners how do you get more athletes in the box? And how it may look like the company have the magical recipe to get those people through your door with click funnels course etc does it really works? And if so could you handle the demand? On the other hand, if you don’t want to use these programmes or business to get people thought the door, with facebook and Instagram algorithm can you really push out content and it is being seen? – these question and much more is covered.

95. Julian and Miranda Alcaraz | Street Parking

https://www.instagram.com/p/B27qxfnHrvp/ In this episode, Fern picks the brains of the founders of Street Parking Julian and Miranda Alcaraz which they started in 2016.  Miranda – after 15 years in the fitness industry, 8 years on CrossFit HQ seminar staff, and 8 years competing in CrossFit. Julian – after 10 years in the fitness industry, and 5 years competing in CrossFit.…

93. Rep Shavers

In this episode, all of your hosts discuss a topic that faces every athlete more than once in the Affiliate, people who shave reps or more than likely you yourself have done it more than once. It’s a very controversial and likely a touchy subject for most. They drive into how they dealt with athletes who have done it and repeatedly, also looked into the flip side of let just be honest they just lost count and other situations whereby the athletes internal scaled because they’d bite off more than they can chew.

92. Dr. Shakha and Dr. Scott | CrossFit Health

In this episode, Fern sits down with Dr Shakha and Dr Scott, who are both involved in the Crossfit Health scene. Dr Scott is an anesthesiologist, Dr Shakha is Coach Glassman’s children paediatrician. They discuss how Crossfit moving forward in the greater community, chronic disease and how to navigate that when it walks into your gym, what really is Glassman problem with Coke- Cola, and how when it comes to chronic disease medicine don’t curse they simply slow down the decay.

88. You’re Not a Good Enough Coach

In this episode in this Todd, Ackerman and Fern discuss issues brought up in the last episode and what was promoted by the 10-year Affiliate Gathering. Why are affiliate’s de-affiliate? And the discussions that were brought up during the gathering. The host all give their options on this issue that is facing the community. And the title of the episode…

87. CrossFit 10 Year Affiliate Gathering

In this episode, Both Fern and Ackerman are in Whistler, Canada at the CrossFit affiliate gathering. Just giving you guys an inside scoop of what it’s like at the gathering. With the special drop-in guest of Austin Begiebing. They raise some talking points that affiliate owners are facing, and they reminisce about it was like starting out over 10 years ago.

84. I Hate my Box

In this episode hosts, Ackerman and Fern pull to pieces a very common problem, whereby a coach doesn’t like their box. This was emailed to the guys by a listener, about what they should do when they butt heads with the owner of the CrossFit affiliate they go to. The listener also laid out the scenario, including their answers to the problem and Fern and Ackerman, talked through them and ultimately give out their best advice.

79. What is Rx?

In this episode, Todd and Fern discuss the meaning behind the term “Rx.” Why it’s valuable, where it goes wrong in affiliates, how to educate your members on its place in training and some different ways to execute it at the affiliate level. How it heavily demonized. Along with how coaches and affiliate owners are trapping them into the RX culture with their programming. Using their personal experiences from both of their own affiliates, they show how they’ve overcome.