66. Sean Pastuch | Toxic Exercise Dependency

66. Sean Pastuch | Toxic Exercise Dependency

In this episode Jason Ackerman sits down to talk with Dr Sean Pastuch to discuss TED – Toxic Exercise Dependency.   Have you heard of “Toxic Exercise Dependency” (TED)?

TED is a condition that is defined as the following:

Person(s) who exercise vigorously causing measurable negative findings in common health markers including but not limited to: Elevated white blood cells, hormone variability, loss of menstrual cycle, persistent muscle, tendon, and joint pain, and irregular sleep patterns.
In severe cases of TED, people have experienced intense pain, loss of libido, headaches, weight loss, kidney damage, and more.
Early signs that you may have TED include but are not limited to:

  • You exercise daily and have not taken a day off in more than a week.
  • You are in pain and instead of getting it taken care of or resting, you use support equipment to allow you to exercise.
  • You require pain killers (OTC or Prescription) in order to exercise without pain.

TED is a real condition often misunderstood to be a healthy habit, but it is actually as dangerous as habits widely accepted to be poor for your health.

If you have signs of TED, speak with your coach immediately. As coaches as well we should be looking out for our  

Ok, Sean Pastuch made that whole thing up. But, if as you were reading it you were thinking “fuck, this is me”, you have a problem, and you should talk with your coach immediately, and listen to this episode.

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