9. Dave Lipson | Combining CrossFit and Bodybuilding

9. Dave Lipson | Combining CrossFit and Bodybuilding


On this episode, Jason Ackerman chats with Dave “Freakin” Lipson. Who is considered one of the best CrossFit coaches in the world, the founder of Thundrbro, a former competitive CrossFitter, and has just come off his win of his first very bodying building competition.

His straightforward approach to combining bodybuilding and the CrossFit methodology has allowed him to transform his physique completely. Dave talks about taking a step back from those really scary Crossfit workouts this allowing him to keep his fitness, look they way he wants to, but he’s now not facing those beating up feeling old and just feel better for this hybrid training programming. Soon Dave will be competing for Mr Colorado title.

Biggest takeaways:

5:12 Crossing over Crossfit and Bodying Building

8:13 “I didn’t need to completely abandon fitness to get the aesthetics” – Dave Lipson

14:50 Going for Mr Colorado

18:00 Competing

24:39 “I’d recommend training with a purpose, not just doing something because it’s written on the white broad” – Dave Lipson

28:45 Dave’s Lipson advice for getting huge!!

30:00 CBD oil and why

34:10 Marriage advice  

Dave Lipson
Instagram: @davefreakinlipson

Dave’s Book: Hypertrophy in Functional Fitness – https://thundrbro.com/collections/training-programs-education-bro-science/products/hypertrophy-in-fu…

Thunder Bro

Instagram: @thundrbro

Website: https://thundrbro.com/

Upcoming events: 7th of September –  https://thundrbro.com/collections/training-programs-education-bro-science/products/thundrbro-camp-de…

The 90 Day Thundrbro “Get Huge” Training Program – https://thundrbro.com/collections/training-programs-education-bro-science/products/90-day-training-b…

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