7. The Sumo Deadlift High Pull | Why you should be coaching it

7. The Sumo Deadlift High Pull | Why you should be coaching it

In this episode, both host Jason Ackerman and Jason Fernandez discuss what they view to be a very underrated movement the Sumo Deadlift High Pull. It’s very under programmed, Ackerman & Fern say every weekend they give a level 1 so many people haven’t down them and really don’t understand why they are essential.

Why it’s avoided? (1:09)

  1. People don’t like doing it
  2. People don’t know how to coach it. 

Why is it important? (1:20)

  1. It allows for the basics of the “core to extremity” to be taught without loads of other things going on, e.g. with snatch. 
  2. It illustrates excellent athletic movement 

The takeaways from this episode;

  • How to start teaching it – progression, stance, handgrip, etc. (4:24) 
  • Keep it simple – don’t over teach it (6:30)
  • Start slowly (8:30)
    “it’s easier to add speed to movement then to take it off” – Fern
  • Range of motion – (13:30)
    Do not use regionals or games standards as your range of motion standards at your gym.” – Fern 
  • Not teaching movements because you as a coach don’t like them, you feel athletes can’t do them etc. (15:00)
  • Tips for picking up faults on SDHP (16:36)
  • Evey cue should be simple and actionable (23:38)
  • How it coach it in class for “fight gone bad” (29:00) 

“Everyone should get something from class” – Ackerman.

Stay tuned till the end to hear how Jason’s used the SDHP to save someone’s life. – We’re not joking.

Level 1 – handbook pages 201 -207. Always refer back to it!

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