67. Coaches Compensation

67. Coaches Compensation

In this episode, Todd (Owner of Crossfit DF/DRiV Fitness), Fern, and Ackerman try to answer the question all of the coaches as themselves, “How much should I be paid?”. They cover the breakdown best practices, dos and don’ts, and some words of wisdom on how to best compensate CrossFit coaches. This an issue that every box faces. Each of them either has or are currently running an Affiliate, and run pay structures. 


  • Should I pay my coaches? (2:34)
  • What they are currently doing (4:23)

  • “We want to take care of these people” – Todd 

  • How was it at the beginning (9:45) 
  • Admin/extras (11:20)
  • Mistake with salary (16:08) – Fern view and Jason Mistake.

  • “By jumping in and willing to be part of the community before being part of the team” – Todd (18:40)

  • Hired on the spot (19:00)

  • “The people within my gym are way more important than who you think you are. You have to come and be apart of my classes because all of our coaches take classes. Everybody in our gym is part of the community, and no is above that” – Todd (21:21)

  • “Just because you were inside the walls of the gym doesn’t mean you were an effective coach”- Fern (25:33)

  • Pay for coach development, e.g. level 2 or 3 (25:40) 

”You should always be moving forward. If anyone on my staff goes a year without some additional credentials. That probably my fault for not pushing them more” – Fern (26:40)

  • Fern summing it up (37:37)

“If you want a real business, you need to paying your coaches.” – Jason. 

Recommend book: 

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing –  Marie Kondō

Or for you none book readers theres Netflix special as well by the author, Marie KondōTakeaways: 
Having different pay rates biased off the coaches dedication to the box and experience. 
Looking at hours worked instead of just time at the box.
Helping with pay for professional development. – coaches need to be developed, and they need to be supported and have their skin in the game.

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