64. Chris Irwin | Teamwork: Navy SEAL Foundation #1

64. Chris Irwin | Teamwork: Navy SEAL Foundation #1

This episode, the host Fern is sitting down with Chris Irwin who has been part of the CrossFit Community for almost a decade in several different capacities. He’s a Naval Academy graduate, a former Navy SEAL along with has been an affiliate owner ( Crossfit Saint Thomas), the president of Kill Cliff for five years and now serves in the non-profit arena with the Navy Seal Foundation. Chris heads up strategic partnerships and is working on a growing a Hero WOD fundraiser. We discuss operating an affiliate in a remote destination, handling drop-ins, building a massive company from scratch, and how to contribute to the greater community.


  • Setting up an affiliate in a remote area (4:30)
  • The Conor Murphy Story (7:05)
  • Handling Drop-in (9:30)
  • “You don’t go to the movies and expect to pay afterwards” – Fern (10:15)
  • Working for Kill Cliff (14:45)
  • Branding – What makes a good brand? (20:00)
  • “The perfect can be the enemy of the good” – Chris (21:55)
  • Navy Seal Foundation (27:40)
  • What is Teamwork? (37:20)
  • What is the Navy Foundation? (46:00)
  • How to work visually? (53:50)

Chris’s recommend book:

War of Art – Steven Pressfield 

Chris Irwin:
Instagram: @thischrisirwin

Navy Seal Foundation:

Instagram: navysealfoundation

Website: https://impact.navysealfoundation.org/event/teamwork-2019/e243925

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