63. Freddy Camacho | GFY

63. Freddy Camacho | GFY

In this episode, Ackerman sits down with Freddy Camacho is the owner of Good For You CrossFit. Freddy retired from police work in 2018 as a sergeant at the Union City Police Department; he’s also an OG in the Crossfit world and member of seminar staff. He started Crossfit at 41 years old, back in 2006. Currently a CrossFit Level Two trainer, and a seven times CrossFit Games athlete.

Throughout his career in law enforcement, he was an assistant team leader on the SWAT Team, the team leader on the SWAT Sniper Team, and a former defensive tactics instructor at both the police department and the police academy.

In addition, he is a Level Two Krav Maga instructor and has won medals in boxing and CrossFit in both the California Police and Fire Games and the World Police and Fire Games.


Affiliate naming (4:25)

Freddy’s Revenge (5:50)

Finding Crossfit (7:00)

Being at the Crossfit Games (14:30)

Games Story – the hooper (15:55)

Being married to Chyna Cho (22:30)

“Man, you just got to be supportive and be ready for those highs and lows” – Freddy (26:39)

Ageing in the sport (22:30)

“Accept that you are getting older, it’s hard.” – Freddy (30:00)

Owning a box (33:30)

Advice for coaches (39:22)

Freddy Camacho:

Instagram: freddycamacho65

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