6. David Osorio | From the park to 1000 members

6. David Osorio | From the park to 1000 members


In this episode, Jason Ackerman sits down with long-time friend David Osorio. David is the owner of Crossfit South Brooklyn, he started out in a park and now has active members, 1000 members. David’s goal was to create a workspace that he wanted to hang out at, by doing that, he also fostered a tremendous community. By doing so allowed people to become full-time CrossFit coaches, and even live a balanced life even with benefits. David Osorio is an extraordinary human being, and you’ll find out. 

Key Takeaway:

  • Rate: unlimited crossfit membership $265 (7:38)
  • Drop-in rate $20. 
  • David talks about real estate (10:00) 
  • Culture David has created, starting in the park vibe and ethos is exactly the same now and the question of the day (11:30) 
  • Coaches on staff 11, eight full times have full benefits. Longest coach for 11 years. (13:33) 
  • Open over 12 years, only four coaches have left, very low turnover. (15:40)
  • Boxes opening within your members and more boxes in the area (17:00)
    I can only control what happens in our four walls.” -Osorio (18:10) 
  • The biggest mistakes made (20:40) 
  • Osorio’s business plan “spend less money then I make” (23:05) 
  • Maintaining a balance (25:00)
  • Takes class with members (30:30)
  • The fundamental of any Crossfit Gym is the staff (33:00) 
  • One thing David is most proud of since opening (41:00) 
  • One belief that has changed (46:10)
  • Regionals Craziest Story (49.58)

“Create somewhere you would want to work as an employee. Create somewhere you’d want to hang out at. Create somewhere you’d want to train at” – Osorio (29:49)

“You can’t teach someone not to have a problematic personality. You can’t teach someone not to be dramatic” – Osorio (36:58)

Book recommended:
Sapiens – Yuval Noah Harari

Motivational Interviewing – William R. Miller

David Osorio:
Instagram: @davidosorio_
Blog: http://www.insidetheaffiliate.com/
Youtube with Crossfit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Haqix4CaCts
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Crossfit South Brooklyn
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