5. Developing an Intern Program at your Affiliate

5. Developing an Intern Program at your Affiliate

In this episode, Jason Ackerman chats with James McDermott, head coach at Crossfit Albany, about his Internship program. They discuss how it has developed in the current eight-week program; how and what information James give to the interns capped at 8. They both share their experiences with interning and touch on the topic about how hard it is to bring in the right new coaches and what you should be looking for while hiring. 

This podcast has a theme, and that is Care how much you care.
“If you don’t care people will know, people can tell” – McDermott (2:58) 

Key takeaways:

  • It’s an eight-week voluntary course that anyone at the gym can do. 
  • “the best coaches come from within” – (5:33) 
  • Don’t have to have their level 1, treat it as prep course ( 6:00) 
  • Each week has a different them; ( 8:00)

Week 1: Squat series: Air Squat, Front Squat and Overhead Squat 
Week 2: Press series 
Week 3: Deadlift how to hing, deadlift top-down, deadlift bottom up. 
Week 4: Medball clean and sumo deadlift high pull 
Week 5: Snatch
Week 6: Spilt jerk and touch on gymnastics 
Week 7: Whiteboard and scaling. 
Week 8: Teach mini-classes, up to 15 people. 

Format of each class: 
2-3 hours 
0-20 Cleaning the gym 
Lecture on a topic, e.g. What is crossfit? 
Then practice coaching
Quiz to gear toward the level 1 test. (after week 3)
Then homework – to teach the movement to 3 different members – this helps in two ways one makes them better at coaching, and it allows for relationships to be built within the community. They all have to be video, to help James to give them notes but also build confidence. (see below Ackerman giving the jerk push lesson) – Also, Jason and James talk about how important this is @ 29:00. 
Outsider, have to be part of the community first. (20:15) 

After Grandutioning/the next step (40:00) 
Would be to asses with specific classes, then given assignment beforehand, with the coach of that class.
Ackerman- Advice on moving up (41:00) 
Spoiler– Proactive, planning and do more. 
80/20 rule. – 20% of your class will take 80% of your attention. Help there! 

James’s What is Coaching? (27:20)
“Is about helping and guiding other people; While positive frosting relationship. Coaching can not be effect without trust between the athlete and coach; without integrity within learning, training and sport process and without safety place at the forefront of all activities. Coaching requires an appreciation of and respect for human movement and human organism.”  

“Coaching is not about you it’s about them [athletes]” – McDermott (21:10)

“You can never be complacent and be a coach” – Ackerman (33:00) 

“Think about first what is beneficial for your gym and what your gym needs. Then seek out those people and offer up those opportunities. And if your trying to develop your own course, the information is out, it’s right in your level 1 handbook.” – McDermott (48:41) 

James Mcdermott: 
Instagram: @jamesamcdermott
Email: james.amcd@yahoo.com 
When James program is ready, it will be posted here. 

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James’ Books:
The Dark Orchestra

Own Your Eating: The Definitive Guide To Flexible Eating

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