2. The Whiteboard Brief

2. The Whiteboard Brief

On this episode, both hosts Jason Ackerman (@thejasonackerman) and Jason Fernandez (@jfern3) discuss what they view as one of the most overlooked parts of the class, at the start of with the white broad. It’s important because it allows for a lot of problems in classes like push back, or miss scaling solved. 

“It’s your job as a coach is to help them make good decisions.” – Jason Fernandez (35:50)

Key points about the White Broad Brief:

  • It should be between 3-7 minutes max (4:35)
  • `Common mistakes (6:00): They are too long, being repetitive, working backwards 
  • (9:00)
  • Time caps (13:50) you shouldn’t need them. What it states is that you’re not confident in your whiteboard brief and ability to scale. 
  • Jason’s order (15:50)
    1) What this the WOD – just the movement not including RX weights
    2)What this the stimulus 
    3) Movement/ loading/ scaling
    4) Example what it isn’t 
    5) Logistic f the workout, e.g. two heats if need be or stagger (29:50)
  • People won’t want to tell you when they’re injured. (27:35)
  • Start on time; don’t worry about latecomers. Don’t give late comes a hard time; you don’t know how they went. (40:35) – Also check out our funny little video about this below. 

“You can’t skip steps; you’ll leave people behind.” – Jason Fernandez (10:35)

“I put the outline of the picture [workout] up on the broad and they [members] color it in” -Jason Fernandez (18:50)

“If you’re at the whiteboard and not having fun, that problem.” – Jason Ackerman (32:50) 

“Focus on your box not what’s going on outside it [referencing the games]” (35:00)

Jason Fernandez has a challenge for your coaches. Try to coach without using the word “can’t” (37:10). Let us know how you get on?! 
Along with feel free to send your whiteboard brief to us! Pop it in a Dm on Instagram @thebesthouroftheirday 

The most significant point to take away from this episode is summed up very well by Jason Ackerman that if you are unable to provide a good whiteboard brief “you’re doing your members a disservice.”  (31:41)

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