14. The Air Squat | Best practices for teaching

14. The Air Squat | Best practices for teaching

In this episode, both Ackerman and Fern breakdown CrossFit’s most fundamental movement the air squat. The focus today is on how to teach it best. Some simple guidelines, talk less and move more. But you’ll hear some of our favourite cues, analogies, and stories along the way. Whether you currently coach, aspire to, or simply want to move better, you’ll gain something from listening to this episode. Ackerman and Fern discuss their favourite ways to coaching and cueing, so athletes enjoy learning to squat.

They discuss how by improving someone squat, can enhance their quantity of life. And that what it’s all about, right?


  • How to Teach the air squat (7:45)
  • Ackerman’s pet peeves (9:22)
  • Are you teaching too much? – Get people moving under 60sec otherwise, you are – Fern (10:20)
  • It should be 30% teaching and 70% coaching [all movements] – Fern (11:20)
  • Progressions (13:30)
  • “From a coaching standpoint, you should be basing your strategy on the athlete’s movement. Not on some specific elaborate “thing” you designed because everyone is different” (17:36)
  • 5 point of performance of the Air Squat (18:17)

1) Neutral Spine
2) Weight in the Heels
3) Good line of action – Midline stabilization
4) Rang of Motion
5)Knee tracking the toes

  • Stance (20:00)
  • Teaching (22:30)
  • Cueing (25:10)
  • Ackerman coaching his mom the air squat (35:11)

Don’t forget to look at the Air Squat in the Level 1 hand book 

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