13. Kevin Ogar | You have to care

13. Kevin Ogar | You have to care

In this episode, Jason Ackerman sits down with Kevin Ogar. Kevin owns CrossFit Watchtower, also being a head trainer on both the L1 and Adaptive CrossFit Seminar teams. Kevin had a severe spinal cord injury on January 14, 2014, while competing. Kevin, along with has founded the Reveille Project and helped hundreds of adaptive athletes learn how to implement CrossFit as a way to improve their lives.
In this interview Kevin teaches us the difference between scaling and adapting, how to best learn from adaptive athletes, spoiler alert, it’s the same as able-bodied athletes, and he discusses his number one tip to developing not only as a coach but as a human being.

Recommended listening to the whole podcast.

“I think a lot of people come to the course thinking were gonna teach them how to create their own adaptive class… where we actually teach them how to more inclusive” – Kevin

Kevin Ogar:

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