11. Adrian Bozman | Be at the right place and willing to work

11. Adrian Bozman | Be at the right place and willing to work


This episode Jason Ackerman sits down with Adrian Bozman “Boz”. Best known for being on seminar staff, a Flowmaster and the head judge at the Crossfit Games. The most question we got asked for Boz were about how his past got him to where he is today. – Boz dives into all of that even how to make your own kettlebells at the age of 17.

Biggest takeaway: – Listen to the whole episode; here are a few time stamps.

  • Training in the circus (12:00)
  • Kelly Starrett – Crossfit San Francisco (15:00)
  • At the last 3-day level 1 (16:01)
  • Do you remember if beat dave at the workout? (18:40)
  • First-ever Crossfit workout? (19:20)
  • “It’s exactly what I wanted out of fitness … to me I think the whole of being a generalist is super appealing, not just in the physical aspect. But in a lot of ways, I’d like my life philosophy to be” -Boz (20:50)
  • Why Boz got on to staff? (23:25)
  • “Everything you’re saying is; show up give it your all, don’t do it for the pay” – Ackerman (27:00)
  • How’d you become head judge at the Crossfit Games? (30:40)
  • Watch this on Every Second Counts. (Currently on Netflix)
  • Did you expect it to become what it is today? (33:59)
  • How much it has grown, so quickly (39:00)
  • The new game’s layout (40:00)
  • Advice for new coaches (44:50)
  • The biggest mistake you could be making (46:15)
  • “People have a limit to what they can absorb and up take, and you have to respect that limit.” – Boz (47:30)

Adrian Bozman:

Instagram: @apbozman

Boz’s recommend book:

The War of Art – Steven Pressfield

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