105. The 50 Back Squat Challenge

105. The 50 Back Squat Challenge

It’s finally here! The time for talking trash is over.  Fern, Ackerman, and Todd are at the CrossFit Trainer Summit and Ackerman is about to attempt to hit 50 Back Squats at 185lbs.  Will he be able to or will he get crushed under the bar?  We have many special guests popping in with their thoughts, opinions, and of course jokes – lots of jokes.

Let be honest the real reason you’re here is to see if the man the myth the legend himself can do it? – Enjoy.

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Oh, yeah. Hey. Right here. Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah. This is perfect. All right, everybody, welcome back to the BSR over there day. I'm turning us down. Hold on. So this this is all part. We got this. We got sponsorship opportunity. This is. This is the moment everyone has been waiting for. The whole reason I'm a part of this project, just looking at right here, this is this is the moment. Everybody waiting for pre-workout right now. You're good.

What's up? Yeah. It's been like crazy. I know. But after you, if you want to turn out, I'm going to turn down a little bit. Yeah. Are you starting early?

Is this a practice this on or is not. I can bring up to your mouth. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's on. Oh that looks smooth J. You go.

Oh this it gonna be. Oh this is gonna be easy. So. Yeah. So let's see if we are like that. We are definitely gonna witness Mr. Jason acromion attempt 50 back squats at one point eighty five.

You know we're recording right now my friend.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He he wants he wants to say something good, not lie. That's not how this works. I don't know how you can bring it up. Bring it up closer so we can hear you. All right. All right. How do you feel right now? I feel terrible. I don't want to you. But you're warmed up. We did bottom two bottom squats. Yes, I'm warmed up from doing bottom to bottom. Bottom squats, trying to win. How we. How many rounds you two getting? Bottom two auto spots. My lowest score was fifteen. I was hit twenty four four rounds. Yeah. But that's not how that we don't care. Yeah. That's not low score. Low scores. Fifteen. Yeah. One time hold. Twenty. Give me your time. All right. Front of me. So now how confident are you on a scale of one to ten. This is gonna happen. By the way, we're gonna color. We're gonna color commentary this time. I have no doubt there'll be a. I'll give you I'll give you my number. It's a it's a two and two point four. That's all you have on this, Kassidy. Sorry.

Let's go around.

Thank you. Joe Mazany out one for Joe. Joe Moseley's that. He's the. He's now that Barbour hasn't been it hasn't been significant since every second counts. It's never been a great documentary. Those good. I appreciate it. Rob Five Zero Unbroken. No, I think it's better if you go longer. Does that make it easier?

So Rob Lawson is a no rob Lawsons, no cat. Barter is a no. It's a hard no. Murphy's got my back.

Where's Connor? Oh, he's working out on policy. Hollis Malloy. Right. Longtime. What do you think? I'm gonna give Todd back? Yeah. Do you think do you think Aquaman can hit 50 back squats at 1 eighty five fifty back squats at one eighty five. Unbroken, unbroken.

He's feeding off that right now is feeding on Haydock. If he wasn't in the middle of teaching lessons over there. Now he's over there. He's geared up and everything did. What do you what exactly are you waiting for. I don't I think we're just waiting for Jay. Jerry, I mean we're recording live, actually.

Delivery mechanism by doing so just for context. When we did that and then how much you were training back, like, OK, so two years ago he did a he did a heavy back squat. So just wherever we were at the trainer summit in San Diego and we've been kind of working on professional development all day, there's a ton of people working out. The really good part is that there's so many people that people are going to get to witness this good or bad.

You know, I think you've got a chance. Do you guys do you guys wanna make bets on where he failed? Like what? So let's make bets on where he. Okay.

All right. So I'm gonna I'm gonna go. Twenty seven. Wow. Seven.

Twenty seven. I was in the with forty one. Forty one.

And I think if you get to twenty seven. I know I've been doing it. You think you don't get to forty one. If you use a forty one is. And he has a team that needs to happen. I'm not going to go if I'm to go lowball some. There's a twenty. Yeah. Like twenty four. Twenty four is he's gonna he's going to play. I mean I did lowball him. I think you do more than twenty seven. I think I think he's going to get north of 40. He's using to go somewhere between like thirty seven point five. I think that's my rank does get the rest. Forty one. Yeah. He might go. I mean is it rest though. No. Everybody keep that time limit like you give it up like it gets better the longer you wait. That is not the game. I know his capacity. Not much, but that's where it's at.

Yes. Yes. Yeah. That's a completely different bet. It's still a completely different that's not not the same thing, not even close by. I mean, are you ready?

Why this is bothering you? Just maybe not for him. I think different animal. I've never. All right, Jack. So here he he's he is going to get an assistance getting the bra off of the floor just so that we all know we can have video. The video. We had to have video footage. Can he clean that up? Depends on the day.

There is one. Oh, he looks strong right now. If you forget to breathe, it's going to breathe. I'm surprised Joe makes it up. Joe Mosley is the judge. So Joe Mosley has judge at the Games. I think he's prepared for this. Oh, dude, look at the determination solid. He does look angry. I do appreciate his willingness to go here like that. The harsh the law is there was a lot. It's a lot like this is to put yourself like I probably pushed is a little too hard today. But we've been talking about it for no less than six months. So at this point, you just had a long pause there. He did. I mean, that was a lot longer than we discussed doing it in front of everybody. But I feel like could open it up over the weekend. I mean, what are the potential injuries here? Like in all honesty, like, say, like killing? I mean, do you think he could just fold, like get to a place like this, a misses over the front, swatches the computer here because the barbells. Yeah. So Frinton up for it for anybody that's not done like a super high volume set like this.

Like I've. I don't know. You think it. Anytime I've done this. My legs are not the issue. My mid-line is just turns into a noodle. Yes. Can't support but starting what is today. Today's Tuesday starting Thursday. His ability to walk and function is going to be all man. Where's he at? Twenty. Twenty two. Twenty two. Twenty, twenty. Thirty away. There's a pretty good pause. Looks pretty good. He's channeling. You can't enter. It could all be over right now, Jay. All you gotta do is just let that thing slide right down your back if you want to. I'll be honest with you. I can't. He's looking strong. I want to succeed. I mean right now. Of course, one could succeed. I do. Of course. Yeah. That's what we're here for. I mean, there's a little part of me that want him to fail, too. I kind of want to get to forty nine. I think that would be. Oh, I forgot to introduce his overthought Gassot Pappe, Barbara Kassidy Gilinsky, myself and Todd and are on the bar of the podcast right now. There's a lot of other people.

So Adrian Conways here. Jamais least judging. There's Rob Lawsons here. There's a good crew here watching this go down. He uses his Vargus real well.

Like I mean, he's way beyond anything it used to be. I'm pretty sure I've heard that argument. How much talk you get from the hip when it came out? Is it better that he just hit 30? He's moving pretty good. I didn't even get it. You're still gonna have already. This is gonna happen, dude. I am. This is going to happen. Yeah. Jay, I'm not going to talk any trash about you for as long. At least it will be at least a week. I think he's got it. If he gets the 40, it's a done deal. Don't deal with that far. I mean, come on. Yeah. So come on, Jay. Yeah, Jay. Come on, boy. Dude, he's moving at a good speed right here, boy. So he's at thirty eight thirty nine 0 9 0 4 0. He said he's got it. Your duty this. He's too good. Where's the ball. You're doing good Jay. Forty. Come on. I've also got to admit that Jay beat me in the open this week as well. So this may be the types changing this year. He finished the work. He also finished the work. I did not finish. I did not either. Well, good luck. Come on, Jay. Come on, bud. Just put it my face. You got seventy five. Five.

Come on. You got to give it, buddy. Come on, buddy. Come on, dad. You doing good? Yeah. Come on. Yes. Five reps. Yeah, boy. Oh, Jay. Yes. You get three reps. Montag 0. Big guy J. Yeah. F an X. That's your. No way. I did not think you could do that.

Then I thought I am so earned himself a sponsorship as well. He's of me. I think Conaway said he's giving up and ex-athlete. Yes.


Well, got me. Well, that was good, dude. That was good. Oh, my. He's so fucked right now. All right. Come over. All right. Come put these on. Put these on. Hey.

No, no, no. Here you go. All right. You got to talk us through it. I can't really listen. I'm. I'm all long debate time that I wasn't. That was probably north of what? He has a problem. Really? I was out. It was this that was pretty quick. This party for five minutes. Everything about that was better than I expected it to be.

You know, we did 50 0 5 0 50 1 0 1 1. Yeah, listen. That was that one was for Maizy. Believe me. We interned together. Well, we intend to get it back in the day. Never forget. Adrian, Adrian. Adrian said he's got a spot for you. And that's gonna a. I just know you earned it. Phoenix ain't got be there. All right.

I need you to I need you to be soccer super honest. Talk us through it at any point where you like. I don't know. How were the first ten? A little bit around thirty five. Yeah. I started to question it around thirty five. I was like fifteen. Not a lot, but I was tired. I'm surprised you guys didn't make fun of me, but maybe you did. But I always purposely like around the middle. So long as I was getting death, I was coming onto my toes a little bit and then almost lifting with my chest to it. It helped DeLay took it off my legs. So it kind of helped to like almost like I'm more of a low bar or box y position a little bit. And I didn't want it cause I didn't want to go to low bar because I was worried it would fall off. Yeah, but it helped. My game plan was I knew if I can get to 20 that I can make it. Yeah. If I get to twenty that's a huge chunk.

I could do a set of thirty and Maisy Joe amazingly firefighter from Boston, somebody wiped the tears away for all right now he believed he believed in me. He was your one and he's the one that got. What was your encounter, Murphy believe Connor Murphy did it do boy. Yeah, you did. What was your did you have it like in your hand up in your in your head? He does not look like he's doing right now. Enough. He did. He was pale. Before I regard it, though, I just wanted to get it over with.

I knew waiting doesn't get better. Yeah. Yeah. How are you counting in your head? We don't fives at first. I wanted to get 10, then 20, and then I wanted to get to 10. But I was stopping prematurely. But I knew to get to 10 like I would get six, I think. And then just get a couple more. It was like a mix of I didn't want to leave it on my back too long. Oh, yeah. But at the same time, terrible.

Letting me recover a little bit. So I think it's just the way my body works. Listen, we're gonna get this on recording. I'm proud of you, dude.

I'm very impressed. And we both admitted that you. You beat us both in the open. Yeah. Yeah. This week. So, listen, it's so physically you're superior to know what it is, is it's the hair. You've cut the hair off and that's given it's the reverse of Sampson. Yeah, it's the reverse. See, here's the thing.

Here's the here's the painting. A picture of me not very fit or athletic, but mentally I think I could do some things that I shouldn't be able to do.

You're like Rudy. I mean, back when you told me you were making it to the game in that first year, masters, I knew mentally you thought you could do the things that you can't do.

Not so much fitness, like stupid challenges like that. You know, I knew I could mentally just push or even like the open, for example, when it didn't take any skill. Yeah, I knew I can go, oh, that's great, but I'm really glad I did it. I'm gonna beat me.

I'm going to be very honest with you when you get the first warm up set. I was really concerned it got better. The first warm ups that I just had. That's a lot of squats. Well, going back to Tod's the weights, I'd like to describe you as the most flexible and flexible person that Ryno the most flexible, shitty mover. Yeah, well, most watched those shitty movies. Well, you guys, you got the whole debate last night about somebody. Yeah. Yeah. It's gotten better. Your deputy, your depth got better as you went through those as well.

I just had to balance. Yeah. Jenny actually gave me come out this weekend. Right. Katie.

Katie. Paolo's over there. Yeah. Jason, my friend. I don't really. The only thing I do to move better is try to move better.

Wow. Pretty simple. That's that was profound. That was profound. That's right. Hey, guys, check out this drill. That's what I'm saying. My point. That reminds me of the time he told us about the goblets quite like we'd never heard before. I do this thing. It's helped my squad a ton. I just hold the kettlebell in front of me. Yeah. Well, as I go down, I push it out.

My point is. People overthink what they need to do, they stretch. They do this. Just try to move better in every workout you do and eventually catch up.

And how long did it take you to come up to that? Like it took for that to shine a light on you because you used to sit and stretch?

I still do. In fairness, I still do. Or twenty minutes of just easy stretching at the end of the day. But it's more about just hitting the right range of motion on every movement and you'll get better. Super simple. I mean, like functional movements increase your range of motion. Yeah. Oh, a lot better. So Katie's asking do I. Yeah. You're saying you throw those on real quick 'cause he's not talking.

Take it easy as guys is still recovering for one million burpees just now during the hazing that happens at the seminar.

Katie, what I was saying, I wasn't necessarily equating it to volume, but I'm just saying in any given workout, what was your dad?

What was your question?

Ask the question again. My question wasn't it was a little bit of a rhetorical question better. Yeah. And that's moving better. Doesn't mean you just have to do more shit. Right. Look, I need to workout more. I need to do more things and then I will move better error. Intentional with your movement, you move better than that will lead to you being able to have more fitness, right?

Absolutely. And not only that, if you move better like you just said, you will accidentally become fitter because your times will go down in your weights. Right? Smarter way. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, one of the first times I actually truly realized it was I was doing a lot of kettlebell swings. And I noticed when I really put it overhead, well, my shoulders got more flexible in time. And that's what really this is years ago. It took me a while to actually acclimate to that and do it myself. But that's when I started to realize it. And yeah, I mean, I know why we're talking about all this. Shouldn't be celebrating my victory.

I think we should. What do you want? What do you want from victory? You definitely want sushi. Well, I mean, Markley. Honestly, I would like just time. And she made a few nice things about me. That's fair. We already know sweat pants look down. I want it to be. I feel like people are genuine. It's hard to be vulnerable. We're talking I had the training, something we talked about leadership. You know, Todd, what was it? What was your weakness? I can't remember.

I think it was always the way you remember what Todd's weakness was, compassion.

It was allowing himself to be vulnerable. And what was something about admitting when you need other people's help or input on being open to that and being more vulnerable to that loss?

You stop being my help on your behalf. Like it's certainly been there. But the word vulnerable is that he was not. Yeah. And I feel like what an opportune time for top level.

I have I complimented you since we've done this. You did fantastic. You moved. Well, you completed. I think you had an extra 20 reps in.

I kind of got gone on it before that hurt. Like to the to beyond the pain cave, I would have had to do another 20 to twenty. Yeah. And that would have been like I don't use this for a week.

You're a little sore tomorrow so you're going to be useless at the end of this week. Yeah. You're like that's just gonna be from partying with CASSIDY. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. You're gonna be in bed at eight o'clock the next hopefully.

Yeah. So Joe Maizy asked Jay is back home. I'm usually one two three point forty five. I was probably a little little heavier on the road right now, but usually I'm happy with him.

One for around one forty two. So what's percentage. That's one hundred and one hundred and fifteen percent. Six. Right. So I don't know what Matthew just said so. No. So it's twenty three, 102. 123, right. Is that what it is, 123 percent of your weight. Yeah. Right. So what body weight in a quarter. Yeah. Yeah. So it's like 100 about about a quarter plus if you were judging that simply on form would you.

You moved well. No. No. It was good. It was a good set. You couldn't tell when I was going on my toes. Almost none. I mean you can tell but no, it's a it's a set of 50 back squats.

Is that on film somewhere? Oh, yeah. Well, you get to hold the whole thing. So this will go up tomorrow. Bullo, let's set this up for tomorrow's episode. I'll get it to recording it on Tuesday. Wednesday's episode. We'll get the video up on YouTube probably.

Yeah. Yeah. Is that on Cassidy's phone? Yeah. So I think so. So get going with that conversation about just simple is better, right? So we did some. Just so everybody knows, we come to the train summit. It's now every two year thing and all of us are practicing all the things we do that we teach at the level one, level two. And then you. So you did a you were a lead trainer for one of them. Yeah. And then did you do an evaluation or you do though you were at your loved one.

So either way I'm just telling you, you know, that feeling of like I've been called ecstasy. But when you're like you've accomplished something and don't worry about it anymore. Oh, yeah, that's what I'm doing. It's a relief right now. Right. Yeah. Like it would've felt. Good. Had I given it an effort regardless. But having finished it now, you feel like. I think everyone needs that in life. I think enough more people need to challenge themselves something silly, even if it just 50 baps behind you is just looming over your head. Just want to go like I heard. You know, I listen to the Joe Rogan podcast. Let me get back to your class. Yeah. People were asking, like, how he stays so humble being so like rich and famous. And then he goes to jitsu and gets his ass kicked. Yeah. And I think this is part of it. Whether or not I was successful. Just challenging yourself. I'm giving you something to work towards. I think more people need those little goals. This is something silly between friends, but everybody can set that up at their box or at home.

I think that's one of the biggest things I've learned from Crossfit, in general. And if you're listening to this, I'm assuming that you do Crossfit,. And if you haven't learned that lesson in Crossfit,, like you're either cherry picking your workouts or you're not put yourself out there. Because I in life do, you know, typically like to do things I was good at. And if I wasn't good at it, I didn't do it. But Crossfit, makes you learn to to be OK with failing because inevitably you're going to get your ass kicked at something and learn how to appreciate the effort you put forth. And so I think that's kind of what you're saying. Yes, I get what you're saying. You put a challenge out there that pushed you to do something. But just in general, like being satisfied for accomplishing something that that you put a good effort into isn't necessarily as big as like the total outcome of this thing. And that happens if you go hard every day and workout. That's why I love the open, too. Does exactly what I was thinking like the Open's great, not because I'm any good, but because I've figured out how to go hard each time and not like give up on myself.

Speaking about what was your time on the open? Fourteen forty five. That was when Lewis squeaked it in. Or would you get some two hundred and seventy reps. We tied. I also got a hundred.

So you know how they just you know Tom and I recorded the episode last week about the open. I think that's why it's important. But even had I not won or not finished. There's something about that relief of finishing and I think that relief comes from knowing you're about to do something you truly don't want to do.

And while every given day you can have that at the box, I think it's important to have kind of these out standing challenges. You know, this one, the open is only five workouts.

You know, the difference between the gym and what you just did in the open is like this was different because in large part, like you were accountable to us. We're like the gym. You're just accountable to yourself. Like for the most part, like nobody's.

Yeah, I agree with that. The open, I think for whatever reason, although nobody's looking at your score, you feel accountable to everybody in the world, because I think that everybody gonna be checking my score or whatever. This is the perception I have in my head. And so when I hear people give the old woman to do the workouts, I'm just not going to sign up. I'm like, why just do it? The heck are you talking about? Why would you not sign up? You just told me you you're to do the workouts. If it's 20 bucks, I'll give you 20 bucks.

Well, I think for this, for example, I was trying to. I don't get it. I might do that next year. Just literally pay for everybody who's gonna do it. Doesn't want to sign up. Oh, you heard it here. Crossfit,, right?

No one signed. No, but I don't get like super hyped up.

I don't scream or yell like I tend to get hyped up by staying focused. And I was going into that. I was like, I need something during that to motivate me. And I couldn't think of it as I. Oh, is it my wife? Is it like, you know? But it was really just I wanted like, you know, we got a couple thousand listeners on every episode that follow. And I wanted to do it to show them like, hey, you can do something. This is a stupid challenge at the end of the day. Right, 50 reps, no big deal. But I wanted to do it to show them, hey, you can just challenge yourself and accomplish something. So that's why I was doing it for the best hour.

Well, I think what's cool? Is it like you legitimately put yourself out there? Like, yeah, if I miss like that was people are gonna know. Yeah. Yeah.

And we've been talking about this for what, three, four months for a while now or I would have been a lot easier to do this on your own. On video and keep pushing it back. Like this is in my opinion probably the worst case scenario.

Well it got worse you and you know I think I think the other I think it's his best case, like his peer pressure is a thing that you're listening to the other guys. And actually, this was like Rocky for a little bit because. Are you hearing yourself right now? Because I heard a moment in time where Todd was like the announcer and he was like the fans in Russia when they started cheering for Rocky. Oh, yeah. Todd, I heard Todd out of the corner of my eye like, well, I heard him and he was like, he might do it. He's got a third and you had it. And I wasn't mad. I was almost like, fuck you.

Like, I want you to say I can't do it more. But I did feel a little like Rocky when he beat Drago. You know, I'm talking about Maisie. Maizy was like Adrien in my quarter from day one. We've been going out since day one. Maisie interning at Crossfit, Moorestown back in the day. But was your original?

It was kind of on the same note as just the humble piece. Right. So, you know, for anybody who thinks that we never get feedback. All three of us coached today in front of our peers and we got and got asked to basically do essentially give a demonstration of what, effective coaching? It's supposed to be a do your job, but in front of your peers. Do it and do it well. Where were you more nervous for this or for that day? I'll tell you what, this was the first time today coaching that I felt actually confident in going out there. I agree went on. And it took me that we've been. All of us have been on SAP's six plus years. So. Yeah. So you have 2 0 4 for and for 7 you have to. Seventy six somebody sixty. See you under sixty. So five hundred seminar and I'm a one forty five. So feeling I had almost seven hundred would have been very different than the feeling I would have had two years ago. All I remember the feeling cheers. I was petrified.

Yeah. And it's part of it's time under tension and part of it is just knowing you have to have confidence in what you do. We do it every weekend. I practice, you know, surround myself with other trainers, you know, you guys and a bunch of other trainers and help us get better. And I think today was the first time I was like, fuck, yeah, I'm going to coach the helo. This push press. I wasn't even I wasn't the least bit nervous.

I wasn't either. And I mean. Well, and I thought that either way, Carol, I'm around doing mine. So not Obama's watch Boswell. So so I'm not and I wasn't nervous. Wasn't isn't the right statement. I was nervous, but not not because I was felt unprepared. I'm nervous because I wanted to do well, right?

Like nervous cause you're in front, your peers. We talk about this at level twos all the time where I'm like, hey, guys, by the way, this is gonna be the most nerve wracking experience that you have in your coaching. And we feel your pain because we feel the same way. Yeah, right. And so getting up there. Yeah, I was confident. What I do I've done this, you know, a couple hundred times. But I was nervous. I hadn't been that nervous coach in a long time.

And it's a show I did go third or so. So I tried to put. Sure.

And I'd say something else and help them hopefully resonates with the listeners. Now, I think I was just on the level to staff two years ago when we got here. And now I've been on it for those two years and we do something similar every weekend to level to where we coach the group. Yeah. And I've done it enough to, you know, probably 20 times since then where I get feedback and it made me more confident. So I think part of that is attacking what you're not good at and making sure that you're getting feedback all the time.

So what would you suggest people do?

Charlesworth What's our new what's our new fitness business for people that want to coach good at Duck Duck?

Phonographs best our combining our powers for the longest business title in the history. So on that, no. So for people that. So how would you do this? If you're if so, a lot of things we get back is like, Hey, I'm the only person at my gym. I don't really have anybody to give me feedback. Right. They're not lucky enough to be in this environment where you come and you can show up in there's 200 people here that are really fucking good trainers. Right. So like, how does a coach actually get some of this feedback and kind of replicate this environment in their box? Well, I think we're talking like so let's separate the squading and the push press group. That's what I'm talking to all the groups that I'm using in general.

What I was gonna say about that is you have to put yourself out there. A lot of people want to set goals. That goal would have been a lot easier in my mind had I not ever spoken about it with you and given myself that out for failure. I had a recently I was trying to remember where I recently had it, where I just always during the open I saw score 9+ for my buddy Vince. He got 9+ for a he's very fit. And I was like, all right. In my mind, as I approach that round, I was like, it's okay if I slow down because Vince only got this. Had I told you guys my goal is to finish it. My goal is to do this, it would have changed things. So even if it's coaching, you need to tell someone, whether it's us, whether it's your box owner, friend, I want to get better at this. You know, put yourself out there and then you need to find someone. Maybe it's better. Maybe it's maybe not if you don't have access to someone better. Hey, watch me, coach, to push press and make sure I do 20 reps with the met with the members. Make sure I give out at least one Q per rep and you could do that the a video.

Also, if somebody doesn't have that, you give them the goal and just have them count it for you.

I think we're just videotape yourself. I'll tell you what for the first when I start giving lectures. Yeah, staff now bring in a closer I took. Yeah, yeah. Every lecture that I did for probably my first hundred lectures, I would take my phone with me and record it and then on my flight home that night I wouldn't listen to my lecture and evaluate what I did wrong like a hundred time. I like the first hundred times that I did that because yes, we get feedback, but we didn't get that detailed feedback that I wanted for myself. I want to hear every word. Yeah, exactly. I want to know exactly what my filler words are. I felt this weird thing in this transition. How did that go? So you've got it. You've got to figure out ways to hold yourself accountable.

I like it. And then if you can't find some friends, throw a challenge down. Yeah. And then come and smash the challenge. Jay, that's finish that challenge. My own challenge. Smash. Yeah.

What's it feel to be a professional athlete with sponsorships. Yeah. You know are you gonna start traveling around. You think doing like you're going to give talks.

To give talks about overcoming adversity. Tomorrow you talk about leadership.

There's going to be Chuck Carswell, but I think Dave Castro wants me to. I got a text. They say it's from Dave while he's doing that.

And he wants me to give a talk on diversity and finding better friends.

Wait. Whoever said we were your friends?

That's true. I'm glad we did it. I'm glad I did. I didn't do anything. We just witnessed. Great. I'm looking forward to hear what it sounds like. I'm looking forward to see the video and looking forward to partying tonight. Celebrating, celebrating. But it was sobering. And on that note. All right. We'll see you guys tomorrow. Later.

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