10. On-Ramp | What’s the best version for your box?

10. On-Ramp | What’s the best version for your box?


In this episode, both host Jason Ackerman and Jason Fernandez sit down chat about what is the best option for bringing new athletes on-boarding. They talk about how they’ve tried every option from 0 days to as much of 8 weeks, the reasons why to do that. Along with different structures, one to one, group setting, having them flexible or on running programmes on the same days a week and looking at the pros and cons of each scenario and which fit better for different situations that your box could be facing. This episode isn’t just for box owners who are looking at their on-boarding programme, can show an insight for coaches as well and to athletes the reasoning behind on-boarding.


3:50 How long should they be?

8:30 0 days programme pro/cons – why?

14:20 1 day programme pro/cons – why?

17:15 “That hour is for me, not them” – Fern

21:15 What’s the right way to charge for them?

22:40 Should the newest coach be running them?

24:05 3 day programme – why?

28:22 “It’s not worth the pain in the ass it brings” – Ackerman

31:00 6 and plus day programme – why?

35:55 What the “right” way?

“You’ll lose them in the first 90 days” – Fern.

Most significant point – Keep revising it regularly, as your box will always be changing.

Have questions about what your gym should be doing? Feel free to reach out; we’ll try and help in any way we can!

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