1. CrossFit.com | Should you be following it?

1. CrossFit.com | Should you be following it?

On this podcast, Jason Ackerman (@thejasonackerman) interviews long-time friend James McDermott (@jamesamcdermott) who has an Exercise Science Degree on about how he has successfully implemented CrossFit.com programming into Albany CrossFit, for over 300 members.  James is a multi-book author, L2 CrossFit Trainer, and head coach at Albany CrossFit.  James discusses how he uses .com programming at the box and why he believes every affiliate should be doing it. James addresses the most prominent issue that faces affiliates when considering using .com, no prior warning to it being released. James also chats about how .com has changed throughout the years, as the sport has grown. Along with how important it is not ignored it not just when it comes Open, but they have the experience that no one else doses. But most importantly, the backlash from the community when Albany CrossFit they did make the switch and the results they are seeing (26:36). 

Things to take away from how James imperilments .com in Albany Crossfit;

  • This less busy programming allows for more coaching instructing more value to athletes, spending more time on these movements (22:00). 
  • Be creative with it – (35:00)
  • Try every movement out before class – (36:50)
  • Scaling is critical (38:00)
  • They run a month behind (38:50)
  • Flexibility is essential do it, add it into class, and that will create a cultural (31:47) 
  • What to do on rest days of programming when your open 7 days a week (40:10)
  • It’s okay to change or swap things/workouts/movements depending on how the athletes in your box are reacting to programme. (31:44 & 42:07)
  • The program can be done day to day and week to week, month in advance can be too long (48:30)
  • Why not just pay for programing? (53:00) 

“It will take several hours to plan out one week. I’ve told some people at the gym “hey if you want to come over on Sunday spend 4 – 5 hours with me and see what goes into the next week of programming, you can”. And of course, no one takes me up on that.” – James McDermott 

“I 100% believe Crossfit.com is best for our community … But I feel that this programming is more constantly varied, more true in line to what you read in the manual to what crossfit should  be then if has been before.”  – James McDermott

James Mcdermott:
Instagram: @jamesamcdermott
Email: james.amcd@yahoo.com 

James’ Books:

  • The Dark Orchestra


  • Own Your Eating: The Definitive Guide To Flexible Eating

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James’ white board during the 2019 Crossfit open, as he discussed.

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