Virtuosity doesn't come after a few seminars. Growth is lifelong.

The Best Hour of Their Day Mastermind program is built for coaches and gym owners that are looking for resources to tangibly improve the craft of fitness coaching. These gyms and individuals should be dedicated to providing the best experience possible for their clients by looking to continually improve their coaching abilities. Whether you’re preparing for a certification, an experienced coach looking to better their craft, or an established operation looking for feedback to grow, Mastermind is designed to provide you everything you need to become a stronger and more knowledgable pillar in your community.

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Coaches Mastermind Group

$ 97 per month
  • Weekly Group Calls Online
  • Private Online Community
  • Exclusive Interviews w/ Renowned Coaches
  • L2 / L3 / L4 Test Prep
  • Daily Virtuosity Homework
  • Recordings Archives
  • Early Access to BHOTD Projects
  • Access to In Person Training Meetups

Affiliates Mastermind Group

  • The affiliates mastermind group is now Affiliate University!

Where Our Mastermind Members Are Taking Their Virtuosity